Why Do You Even Want to Be Successful?



To have a sense of achievement and be able to feel good about yourself?

To have a decent group of friends who would look up to you?

To have others take you as their role model?

To make more money?

To make your kids or your partner proud of you?

To be called to give keynote speeches at pointless events?

To become a well-renowned expert in your field?

To feel like you’ve achieved something for humanity?

Because you think this way you can help others?

Because you think this is the only way you can actually help others?

Because you think this is your duty?

Because you think you’re obliged to fulfill this duty?

Because you think you’re fulfilling a certain purpose in life?

Because you want your name to still be remembered ages from now?

Because you’re too self-absorbed that all you care about is yourself and your success?

Because you think you can actually make a difference in the world?

Because you think this is the only way to live a good life?

Because you think this is the only goal one should have in life?

Because you think life, the world and everybody else depends on you?

Because you think that you’re the succeeding genius?

Because you like being the center of attention?

Because what else should one live for?

Because you read a few books that claimed to give you the key factors to success?

Because these books told you what you should and shouldn’t do?

Because you’re desperate enough that you don’t know what is it that you actually want, so you just aim for success?

Because everybody else strives to become successful?

Because of all the dopamine rush you get when you read “congratulations!” at the beginning of an email?

Because you feel lost if you don’t receive an email?

Because you like the sound of email notification?

Because you’re depressed and you think success is the remedy?

Because you like obsessing over minute things to feel that you’re actually contributing something to society?

Because if you take a thirty minutes break you feel like you’re being lazy?

Because that’s what they made you think life was all about?

Because you believed all the lies people have been telling and selling you?

Because that’s what your parents taught you to care for?

Because you think in life you either are successful or not?

Because you think that life is a test where you either are successful or not?

Well, screw that, I’d rather submit a blank paper.




I am currently a Lecturer of Philosophy at the American University of Beirut. In July 2015, I completed my Ph.D. in Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Salamanca, Spain. In my Ph.D. dissertation I focus on aesthetics and the philosophy of mythology of the German philosopher Friedrich Schelling arguing for a tautegorical interpretation of the cinematic image taking as an example the films of the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. The title of my dissertation is: “Mythopoesis, Aesthetics and Artistic Creation: Towards a Tautegorical Interpretation of the Cinematic Image.” My Areas of Specialization include Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Ethics, Friedrich Schelling, German Idealism, Philosophy of Mythology, Philosophy and Film. I also have a special interest in Philosophy of Sports, and more recently in the latest developments in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence.
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